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For Online Marketing (SEO,SMO,PPC etc.),Web Development, and Web Design, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy:

Being are a reputed & dependable agency that aim to gratify each and every need of our clients. However, If client any reason not happy with our services, client supposed to inform us about same within 24 hours of receiving the end result.

According to business protocols, sorry but we are not able to make a payback money. However, we appreciate the our client’s feedback whether it is good or bad. We take your complaint sincerely or take appropriate any action to resolve the issues.

When it comes to SEO point of client, for that we have transparent policies and payment. After check assessment of prior improvement and work, you can take a decision for next month.

Even though, Our Team make every possible attempt to give you the 100% satisfaction results but because of our nature of SEO industry, any SEO company and Agency including RK Tech Media can’t give surety about rankings/website traffic/business/sales.

Cancellation policy:

We at RK Tech Media work with a customer pivotal approach. For consummate comfort and convenience of our clients, we have made some uncomplicated cancellation policy.

A cancellation request should be placed with in 12 hours by client.

Cancellation will not consider if the work assigned by team and work is in progress.

Cancellation will not consider for the orders that come under Same Day Delivery category.

Cancellation will not consider for any special, seasonal or promotional offers.

Because of if any reason client are not fine with the end product delivered by us, then client need to bring the same in our notice as quick as possible. We will make your complaint seriously and come out with the best possible solution.

RK Tech Media, will not take any refund if a request is placed after 12 hours of receiving a product by client. But on that condition we can adjust the money in other our services but that should be asked within 30 days.